• Artificial Intellience in Facilities Management

    Growing interest in Big Data and advances in Cognitive Frameworks, Drones, Actroids and Robotics across many industries have led to the formation of the Artificial Intelligence in Facilities Management Group to explore ways in which Artificial Intelligence can benefit the Facilities Management and Real Estate sectors. The group will monitor closely the social and economic effects that the increased use of Artificial Intelligence will have on these sectors and their workforces. 


    A key activity of the group will be to identify the latest, most important developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence where it is felt there will be an impact – beneficial or not – and to bring them to the attention of the group’s members.

    Take part in the group's current survey to understand expectations and possibilities in the field. It takes just 5 minutes to complete. Go to the survey.

    Contributions to the group via discussions are welcome from anyone involved in the Facilities Management and Real Estate sectors, as well as organizations and individuals that represent the Artificial Intelligence industry. You can find the group on LinkedIn.

    Image by Lionel Allorge

  • Getting on Top of Information

    Information mismanagement

    Does your organisation find that it has plenty of data on some buildings and too little on others? Are you sure that you know what information you should have to operate your facilities safely, correctly, efficiently and effectively? If you are in any doubt then you need to take a close look at BS 8587:2012 Guide to Facility Information Management. This standard addresses a fundamental concern: how do we get on top of information and not let it get on top of us?

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